Anthea Auld. Photographer. Mother. Creator.

A wedding photographer who has over twenty years’ experience in the industry, we first met Anthea shooting Shona and Coreys wedding in Sandalford. We love how she was able to capture the best of the couple in the limited time they had and of course how easy it was to work with her. We continued to be impressed with her work throughout the years.

Anthea travels anywhere within Australia and Bali to capture the perfect shot for her couples. She opened up her business thirteen years ago and prides herself on a genuine and personalised service. Her images tell a story, capturing the passion and feelings of couples’.

We love how she takes care of each one of her clients and gets to know them personally- she insists this allows her to get the best photos possible. Tailoring her services to each couple, she often chooses particular locations for their shoots to ensure it is truely picture perfect. Her words of advice are to “chose a photographer who you are comfortable with, build a repoire with them- they will be in your space, making you laugh and calming you down on your special day”.

She focuses on a raw yet refined style of photography, utilising outdoor, landscape locations and natural lighting. During the big day, she keeps the whole thing relaxed- wanting couples to enjoy themselves so she can harness natural shots, without them realising she is there.

Anthea creates beautiful, emotive and graceful images through her natural style of photography. Her old-fashioned boutique style of service is shown through her work, which she pours her heart and soul into.

If you want to contact Anthea, she works by appointment only, from a shop on the busy cafe strip in Maylands.  Visit her website or instagram for more details.