We have hand-picked some trends we’ve seen at Weddings this Spring and would love to share them with you! Take a look at our top 4 favourites..

Wedding decor has taken a modern and futuristic look with persplex/glass taking centre stage- nameplates, menus, seating charts, table numbers and signage have been seen printed on perplex, often with cursive calligraphy for a polished look.


Taking a step away from the traditional white wedding cake, we have seen Geode-look cakes and for the more adventurous brides- dark wedding cakes. The geode design can be used on a simple cake to add a colourful, unique feature. On the other hand- dark cakes can completely transform the entire theme and style of you wedding! Dark bridesmaids gowns and even black wedding dresses have been spotted recently too (not for the faint hearted bride), matching the eccentric trend. If you are bold enough for this look, a great idea is to set a moody/dark theme to your wedding- adding colour through bright, vivid florals and prominent decorations. This style is smack-bang on trend and we absolutely love it- take a look at our most recent styled shoot for some inspiration

Image courtesy of The Cake and I

What is everyones favourite thing to do? eat! Table feast settings are picking up and we love it- the idea of having share platters and a selection of food to pick from creates conversation and free-flowing laughter naturally, whilst the long, narrow table looks stunning and can be designed uniquely to each brides liking.

Image courtesy of A Moveable Feast Catering

A trend which we have seen in the past but is slowly reemerging is clear top marquees- we created the look for one of our favourite brides in 2015 (click here for a quick look) and have noticed the trend coming back! We are finding that brides and grooms are looking for more personalised, unique and key locations for their weddings. They want the ability to completely transform a space which isn’t traditionally set for weddings- such as industrial spaces or outdoor areas as their venue of choice. We find that brides love being able to completely transform a space by adding a clear top marquee or creating beautiful setup from the raw basis they have.

Images courtesy of Denise Teo Photography, 

We hope you love these trends as much as we do and drop us a message if you would like to see any at your upcoming event!